Flowers bring a personal touch of color and freshness to your wedding day.  The locally-sourced varieties grown throughout the Gorge are stunning.  When choosing a florist, pay close attention to the designer’s personal style and demeanor; these qualities carry over into their designs.

For impeccable floral design, attention to detail and stunning flowers contact Bonnie at Bloomsbury Shop in Stevenson Washington. She’s my favorite. Visit her lovely shop and see flowers from her remarkable garden.

Another Gorge favorite is Lucy Gorman of Lucy’s Informal Flowers.  Her designs are sophisticated and elegant, without being stuffy; just like her.  Visit her lovely shop located at 311 Oak Street in Hood River or

For a sweet earthy feel, contact Laurel Bourret of Wildwood Farms.  Her easy-going nature and impeccable attention to detail give her designs their soft, yet elegant feel.  Visit the farm at 5000 Binns Hill Road and you will understand where her inspiration originates.


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